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Sand Free

Quick Drying

Ultra Compact



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Elevate your beach life

Elevate your beach life

Sand Free

Quick Drying

Ultra Compact


Recycled Materials

We create timeless summer essentials crafted from recycled materials. Through a Nordic-inspired design philosophy and with a focus on innovation and quality, we craft functional and elegant products that elevate your beach experience.

Sand Free and
Quick Drying

Avoid the feeling of a wet and sandy towel when you are at the beach. SummerSand towels are sand resistant and dry 3 times faster than normal cotton towels.

Soft and

Beach towels no longer need to be thick and bulky to keep you warm and dry. Our soft and light towels absorb the same amount of water as a cotton towel 3 times as thick.

Compact for
better holidays

Despite the substantial sizes, they take up very little space in your suitcase or beach bag. Perfect for the beach, traveling, picnics, camping, etc.

Sand Free

Keep yourself and your home free from sand! SummerSand towels will leave the sand on the beach where it belongs.

Quick Drying

Upgrade your beach bag with a stylish towel that dries three times faster than regular towels.


Every traveler's best friend! Get more space in your suitcase and beach bag for all the things you want to bring.


Avoid having to wash towels after every beach trip. SummerSand towels don't accumulate odors like cotton towels and can be used multiple times between washes.

Conscious choice

High quality towels made from recycled materials

Soft and absorbent

Soft on your skin and keeps you dry

What our customers are saying

"These towels are wonderful. They are lightweight and occupy minimal space in both my closet and beach bag. They dry very quickly, as promised."


Great twoels, I use it mainly at the beach and it's fantastic because it repels sand and dries fast. The design is also very nice! Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a good beach or travel towel.


"The best investment I've made this year! :-D I use the towel both for winter bathing and have taken it with me on sunny vacations. It takes up no space in the suitcase, can withstand incredible amounts of water without becoming heavy and wet like a regular towel, and it repels sand - I'm truly a fan."


These are some of the best towels I've had. I swim a lot, both in the pool and in the sea, and these towels are with me every day. They take up nothing, dry the body well, are soft and are dry and ready for use again in no time.


I bought two SummerSand towels for our trip and I am incredibly happy with them. They don't take up much space in your suitcase and are very absorbent. I highly recommend them!


Super nice, stylish and lightweight towels. I use them everywhere, at the gym, for traveling, and at the beach 🏖️


“The colors are very beautiful, the fabric is light and not bulky in backpacks or suitcases. Perfect purchase for the summer”


Fantastic towel! I have purchased 4 SummerSand towels for my entire family. They deliver everything they promise: quick-drying, sand-resistant, and excellent water absorption. They have been perfect for our trip to Thailand, and I expect them to hold up well for future travels. I highly recommend them.


"I love this towel! It is so soft and light weight. It even came with a little bag to store/carry it in. Its a pretty big towel yet it’s folds up great and saves so much room in my bag too."


“Perfect for travel instead of thick terry towels! You quickly get used to them and appreciates the advantages of a thin, light and quick-drying towel.”


Enjoy the sun

200x100 cm and covers your entire sun lounger.

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The Classic

Our most compact version in the size 160 x 80cm. Carefully made from recycled materials.
249,95 DKK

Get ready for picnic

Picnic blanket and beach towel in one! 180 x 160cm and large enough for two.
379,95 DKK

Extra space

180x160 cm, so bring friends and picnic basket.

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Recycled materials

All our towels are made from recycled materials

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