Beach Towel

249,95 DKK
  • 160 x 80cm
Tired of wet and sandy towels filling your bag? Here's the beach towel you've always wished for!
  • Quick drying
  • Sand repellent
  • Compact in your travel bag
  • Odorless
  • Also great for sports, camping, outdoor etc.
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Introducing the ultimate beach essential. Say goodbye to heavy, bulky towels and hello to a lightweight, compact option that packs a punch. Here's why our microfiber beach towel is a must-have for your next beach day:

  • Super absorbent and quick-drying - No more waiting hours for your towel to dry.


  • Lightweight and compact - Our microfiber towels take up minimal space in your beach or travel bag.


  • Sand-resistant - Say goodbye to sand sticking to your towel and making a mess.


  • Extra comfort - Measuring at 160 x 80cm, our towel provides ample space for you to relax and enjoy the sun.


  • Made from recycled materials - Feel good about your purchase.


  • Versatile - SummerSand towels are not just for the beach; it's perfect for camping, hiking, travel, and more!

Order your SummerSand towel today to upgrade your beach game!

Towel: Recycled Polyester (88%) / Polyamide (12%)
Mesh bag: 100% organic cotton


Sand Free and
Quick Drying

Avoid the feeling of a wet and sandy towel when you are at the beach. SummerSand towels are sand resistant and dry 3 times faster than normal cotton towels.

Compact and absorbent

Beach towels no longer need to be thick and bulky to keep you warm and dry. Our soft and light towels absorb the same amount of water as a cotton towel 3 times as thick.

Perfect for travel

This is our most compact version, taking up very little space in your suitcase or beach bag. It is ideal for beach trips, travel, camping, outdoor activities, sports, and much more

What our customers are saying

"Super light and compact towel that is far superior and much more comfortable to use than comparable lightweight/travel towels. 
Recently took it on a diving trip to the Philippines, and even in the very humid climate, the towel dries surprisingly quickly and is always ready for use between dives."


"Highly recommended from here! Much more than just a beach towel. I use this every time I need a towel outside the house. Takes up almost no space when folded, absorbs better than regular towels, and it's wonderfully large!"


"Best beach towel I have ever had!! Dries super quick and sand falls right off. I use it for both travelling, sports and for the beach."


Choose your size

          Beach Towel (Large)
  • 160 x 80 cm
  • Most compact version
  • Also recommended for kids
  • Great for sports, gym and outdoor
249,95 DKK
          Beach Towel (Lounger)
  • 200 x 100 cm
  • Ekstra space on the beach
  • Covers a sun-lounger
  • Best Pool Towel
  • Our Best Seller
299,95 DKK
          Beach Towel (Oversized)
  • 180 x 160 cm
  • Extra space on the beach
  • Large enough for two
  • Perfect if you have kids
  • Great for a picnic in the park
379,95 DKK
Made with passion and recycled materials