Hello Amazon


We have a very complicated issue and we have spent the last 11 months trying to solve it in USA.

With the result that we had to close our account over there.


Unfortunately the problems have now moved to Europe.

Something with our email adress and accounts are completely messed up.


Short resume:

The EU-problems started when we deleted our USA buyer account th@summersand.eu. 

This destroyed our EU seller account amazon@summersand.eu that we now can't access. 

Our buyer account amazon@summersand.eu is still live.

All our listings are still live and people are still buying our products.



We now can’t access our seller central account amazon@summersand.eu (see screenshot). Our Brand has disappeared and it now says A7N8xxxxxxxxxxx instead of summersand like it used to. We seem to be ”not registered” in all countries.



However, our products are still live on this account (https://www.amazon.de/SummerSand-microfibre-beach-quick-drying-material/dp/B07MTLRT4M?ref_=ast_sto_dp). And we have 10000 units stored inventory that we now can't access.


Our brand is no longer enrolled in brand registry (see screenshots). When we try to enroll the brand we are told to contact ourself (amazon@summersand.eu) since ”they” are the brand owner. (see the three screenshots provided). We owned the brand on August 30 but not anymore (see screenshot dates)

When we try to be connected to our own brand, we are told to contact ourself for permission:


We can’t contact seller support since we don’t have access to our account and case log.


th@summersand.eu is our old account that we have just deleted in USA. It seems to still be some sort of GHOST ACCOUNT in europe though. We cannot login to this email since it does not exist in your system (see screenshot). We have received this message the last two years when we tried to login with th@summersand.eu.




th@summersand.eu might be the owner of the brand (but this account is now deleted). So we need the brand ownership moved to amazon@summersand.eu.

Which is our current primary account in EU:


Our EU Merchant token is: A1E4MHJY8EMOZT

Our AUS merchant token is: A1GBGPCYWJA8B6


Our buyer account with amazon@summersand.eu is still active


If this is a case for seller support, please forward this message to them. We are NOT able to get in contact with them ourself. All contact needs to be directly to amazon@summersand.eu. We CANNOT see our caselog so please don't respond there.


Please take this seriously. We have spent 11 months on this nightmare in USA. And now we are starting all over in EU with the same weird issues.



Thank you.


Best Regards

Mathias Thomsen and Toke Ploug Henriksen